Grace McGachy


Ashford Middlesex

Grace McGachy

Journalist based just outside of London. Bachelors from Kingston University. Three years specialised experience in news and feature writing, fashion, and digital journalism. I have invaluable skills including the ability to produce clear, concise content to tight deadlines, both online and print. I am currently a News Presenter for Radio Jackie



KU accused of forcing staff to ‘play poker with their careers’ by cancelling courses and cutting jobs

Kingston University has been accused of “forcing people to play poker with their jobs” with its planned radical reorganisation and cutbacks, according to union bosses. Chair of the University and College Union (UCU), Andy Higginbottom said that one of the biggest flaws of Plan 2020 was its lack of vision and the unrealistic view that all of Kingston’s problems can be fixed in three years alone.

Brown’s Brasserie introduces elegant new meals to enjoy with the view

Browns Brasserie is a student favourite in Kingston. Situated with uninterrupted views of the river Thames, it’s a great place to enjoy some tasty food and just watch the world go by. With such beautiful views you forget for a moment that you’re in London at all. I was invited as their guest to sample their brand new menu, which is available now.

‘Going for a run could kill me, but only if I have a slice of pizza first’: KU student explains her bizarre food allergy

One of my most memorable reactions happened at a friend’s house. It was her birthday and we were going to eat pizza and camp out in her garden. We ate our pizza and decided to have a go on the trampoline. It wasn’t long until I went and sat in the tent because my breathing became really raspy, and I was itching like crazy.

Kingston University faces three-year turmoil after launching new plan to transform performance

Kingston University faces three years of potential turmoil after launching a controversial plan to transform its reputation and performance. The scheme, called Plan 2020, will aim to improve the quality of teaching, streamline the courses that it offers and dramatically boost the university’s reputation.

Vegan peer pressure is real: just say no to dairy-free alternatives

A crossfitter, a vegan and an atheist all walk into a bar. How do you know which one is which? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. No one really seems to like vegans. It must be a tough existence, living off carrot sticks and tofu and pretending to like the sacrilege that is cheese-less pizza. Maybe it’s because they seem to be everywhere these days.

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Grace McGachy

Final year journalism student and deputy editor of Kingston University’s newspaper, with three years specialised experience in news and feature writing, fashion, and digital journalism as well as law and ethics. I have invaluable skills including the ability to produce clear, concise content to tight deadlines on several platforms such as online, print and on air, and I am proficient in using social media. 

I am a highly motivated, hardworking and ambitious individual, throughout my university career I have worked consistently, during my final year I have time managed two jobs, university classes and work, a dissertation and the role of deputy editor for my university newspaper.

Through my time at Radio Jackie and on The River newspaper I understand the importance of working as a team, as each individual person brings their own skillset and knowledge to each task. As a team you receive encouragement, inspiration and motivation from those around you.


I enjoy experimenting with vintage fashion, including thrift shopping. I first became interested during a fashion project at university. I was required to take photos of lots of outfits and being on limited funds I turned to second hand and charity shops. I enjoy giving clothes an update and a new lease of life and I like being able to be fashionable and quirky on a budget.

I enjoy cooking and baking, I like the planning, the process even the mess afterwards! I take pleasure in carefully following recipes from the experts but also experimenting with new flavours and textures.



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